Loading Button

Display a button or a component that looks like a button with loading spinner. Everything is just the same as the button in shadcnui.



Install the package if you do not have it.

npm i class-variance-authority @radix-ui/react-slot

Copy and paste the following code into your project.

import * as React from 'react';
import { Slot } from '@radix-ui/react-slot';
import { cva, type VariantProps } from 'class-variance-authority';
import { cn } from '@/lib/utils';
import { Loader2 } from 'lucide-react';

const buttonVariants = cva(
  'inline-flex items-center justify-center rounded-md text-sm font-medium ring-offset-background transition-colors focus-visible:outline-none focus-visible:ring-2 focus-visible:ring-ring focus-visible:ring-offset-2 disabled:pointer-events-none disabled:opacity-50',
    variants: {
      variant: {
        default: 'bg-primary text-primary-foreground hover:bg-primary/90',
        destructive: 'bg-destructive text-destructive-foreground hover:bg-destructive/90',
        outline: 'border border-input bg-background hover:bg-accent hover:text-accent-foreground',
        secondary: 'bg-secondary text-secondary-foreground hover:bg-secondary/80',
        ghost: 'hover:bg-accent hover:text-accent-foreground',
        link: 'text-primary underline-offset-4 hover:underline',
      size: {
        default: 'h-10 px-4 py-2',
        sm: 'h-9 rounded-md px-3',
        lg: 'h-11 rounded-md px-8',
        icon: 'h-10 w-10',
    defaultVariants: {
      variant: 'default',
      size: 'default',

export interface ButtonProps
  extends React.ButtonHTMLAttributes<HTMLButtonElement>,
    VariantProps<typeof buttonVariants> {
  asChild?: boolean;
  loading?: boolean;

const LoadingButton = React.forwardRef<HTMLButtonElement, ButtonProps>(
  ({ className, variant, size, asChild = false, loading, children, ...props }, ref) => {
    const Comp = asChild ? Slot : 'button';
    return (
        className={cn(buttonVariants({ variant, size, className }))}
          {loading && <Loader2 className={cn('h-4 w-4 animate-spin', children && 'mr-2')} />}
LoadingButton.displayName = 'LoadingButton';

export { LoadingButton, buttonVariants };

Update the import paths to match your project setup.


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